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Perforated PlateLamina offers an extensive choice of decorative grilles in perforated panels. Our range includes standard sheet sizes of decorative panels and perforated sheet grille in brass, aluminium and stainless steel.
Perforated metal plates are used in a number of different applications for a variety of reasons.

Perforated Metal Uses:
Shields Perforated Plate

Common Industries Served:
Display/Aesthetics, Shielding Liquid, Control Air/Gas, Control Sizing, Filtering, Acoustics, Heat Dissipation, Aerospace, Agriculture, Furniture, Lighting, Marine, Security, etc.

With a wealth of experience in the perforated metal industry, our mission is to provide a service which exceeds our customer’s expectations.

Using high speed precision machines anPerforated Plated top quality tooling our goal is to offer quality perforated metal plates at competitive prices.

Lamina specializes in the design, development and manufacture of precision sheet metal and fabricated assemblies. We continuously invest in state of the art production technology which enables us to match the most stringent demands in customer service.
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Main Products
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Architectural Mesh
Perforated Metal Plate Sieves
Perforated Security Screen
Perforated Filter Tube
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Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet
Copper Perforated Mesh
Perforated Aluminum Sheet
Perforated Steel Sheet
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