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Perforated Metal Punching Patterns / Opening Shapes

Lamina offers perforated sheets with Four Major Punching Types: Checkering, Embossing, Slotting, Perforating. Normally, Chequering, Embossing, Slotting are referred as special kinds of perforating. Besides, We also offer Expanding and Etching processing for metal sheets.

Checkered Plates are mainly for processing of anti-skidding, anti-slippery metal floor plates.
Slotted Metals are mainly used for making of slotted liners or pipes. Processing needed for wide metal sheet so that mechanical stress will be reduced. It will improve yield, but reduce metal sheet resistance, hence increase voltage drop along the metal tube. The metal slot procedure is for metal Stress Relief, is for releasing stress in every wide metal line. Also slot directions in metal should be parallel in current flow not perpendicular. Slotted metal sheets are made into channels or pipe well screens.

Embossed Metal Sheets
are mainly applied for decorative designs of metal jewelries and crafts. The sheet metals or non-metal materials are produced with raised or sunken designs or relief by means of matched male and female roller dies, theoretically with no change in metal thickness, or by passing sheet or a strip of metal between rolls of the desired pattern.

Metal sheet is drawn through the male and female roller dies producing a pattern or design on the metal sheet. Depending on the roller dies used, different patterns can be produced on the embossed metal sheet.

Metal embossing process features:

Its ability to form ductile metals,
Its use in medium to high production runs,
The ability to maintain the same metal thickness before and after embossing,
The ability to produce unlimited patterns, depending on the roll dies, and
The ability to reproduce product with no variation.

Embossed metals are used in industry for two reasons: (1) aesthetic, and (2) functional. Aesthetic applications also include appliance panels, building products, elevator panels, garage door panels, automotive trim, metal office furniture, and others.

Functional applications are those in which a performance characteristic is enhanced. This can include a metal products ability to disperse liquid more effectively, reduction friction and static, increase a metal panel’s stiffness and rigidity, increase a metal surface area for acoustic or heat transfer applications, and improve traction.
The embossing process can produce a variety of patterns.
Materials for metal embossing process include:

Aluminum (All Alloys)
Aluminum (T1/T2)
Cold rolled steel
Galvanized steel
High strength, low alloy, steel
Hot rolled steel
Steel (All Alloys)


The metal sheets are punched Equipped with computerized-programmable feed systems, we will expand your custom design options. And lower your costs. In order to ensure extreme accuracy, our custom perforating conforms to Industrial Perforators Association standards and ASTM specifications.

Lamina Metal Sheets are designed with following perforating patterns:
Embossed, Slotted, Checkered, Round, square, oblong, triangle, slot, hex, oval, diamond and a broad variety of special shaped holes.

Photos illustrated:

Perforated Metal Opening Patterns

Perforating Types

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