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Perforated Sheet Products

Embossed Metal Panels

Embossed Metal Sheet 304 Stainless Steel, For Building Decorative Panels And Flooring Tread Plates.

Embossed plate can be used for building decoration, checkered embossed stainless steel and aluminum plate for floor tread plate. We Mainly Offer The Following Products:

  • Stainless Steel Checkered Embossed Floor Plate
  • 304 Embossed Stainless Steel Sheet With Decorative Embossing Designs For Building Decoration
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    Perforated Sheet

    Perforated Sheet

    Perforated Metal Sheet is defined by the punching materials, perforated patterns, gauge, staggered angle, sheet thickness and porosity.  Punched openings : Round, square, triangle, diamond, stright line slot, hexagonal, cross, decorative, etc. The round hole perforation is the most popular type of perforated pattern used and is manufactured in coils or sheets.

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    Perforated Panel Railings

    Perforated Sheet For Guard Railing System Infill Fence Panels

    Lamina can supply all types of decorative perforated panels from aluminium, stainless steel, brass, steel and special treatments including colour finishing, dull and bright polishing, dry powder coating, wet paint and galvanizing. We supply 27” x 27” x .063 aluminum perforated panels, round hole perforated metal stair panel railing, mild steel perforated guardrailing panels, slotted decorative aluminium perforated sheets

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    Decorative Perforated Aluminum Sheet

    Perforated Aluminum Sheet, Metal Mesh Screen For Architectural Decoration

    Perforated sheet screen can control the passage of air, liquid, light, solids, heat, electromagnetic waves, and sound waves. Aluminum sheet enjoys light weight, free maintenance, flat and surface, easy cleaning, non-rusting and easy forming.

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    Perforated Plate

    Perforated Plate: Tread Plate And Anti-Skidding Flooring Panels

    We offer the following perforated plate:
    Stainless Steel Perforated Steel Plate
    Perforated Aluminum Diamond Plate / Aluminum Tread Plate 
    Perforated Anti-Skid Plate 
    Non-Slip Metal Plate

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    Perforated Mesh Grille

    Perforated Metal Mesh Grille : Decorative Panels, Speaker Grille And Vent Grille

    We offer the following perforated grille products:
    Stainless Steel Honeycomb Perforated Mesh;
    Round Hole, Slotted Hole , Micron Hole Sheet Metal for Vent Grille;
    Perforated Metal Mesh Speaker Grid Covers;
    Decorative Perforated Metal Furniture Grille and Light Grille.

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    Perforated Louvers

    Architectural Window Shutter Screen

    We supply various perforated louvers in either mild steel, stainless and aluminium with Perforated Louvers as Portable Window Screen various dimensions depending on both the application and architectural needs. Compared with common window screens, perforated metal louvers offer the following features...

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    Chequer Plates

    Checkered Steel With Checkered Aluminum

    We supply aluminum checkered plate for your choice. Galvanized steel checker plates cost less compared with aluminum plate. Aluminum floor plate has less weight and will never get rust. We encourage customers to choose according to specific uses.

    We can supply perforated draining cover plates, fabricated step plates or tread plates.

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