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Stainless Steel Perforated Plate Test Sieves

Major Types of Perforated Sieves include Grain Sieve, Mid-Point / Half Height Sifting Sieve and Extra Depth Sieves. Applied for Various Grading and Sifting Uses.
Mainly made of Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet with Round Hole.

Perforated stainless steel plate sieves are made of punched metals with slotted round holes. The metal sieves are available in diameter sizes of 200, 300, 315, 350, 400 and 450 mm. The particle sizes of the square hole perforate sieves range from 125 mm to 4 mm. The sizing range for the round hole perforated sieves are 125 mm to 1 mm. SS perforated sieves are designed with for certain purpose like grain sieves, mid-point grading test sieves and extra depth perforated metal sieves. Popular sieves are 80ea Round Hole Perforated Plate Sieves, Processed from Stainless Steel 300 series, 23 Gauge, with 1/16 perforations, OD of the Sieve is 13&1/4", Height of Sieve is 2". Special apertures can be customized.

Stainless Steel Perforated Grain Grading Sieves

This grain sieves are used by agriculture department and grain organizations worldwide for testing grains and cereals grades. Commonly the stainless steel slotted plate is framed with 200 mm diameter brass or stainless steel frames to form a sieve device.

The aperture sizes as specified in ISO 5223.
Hole patterns for grain sieves: round or square depending on the grain sizes and shapes it will measure. In addition, perforated sieves for special purposes such as shaped holes, wet washing, very small openings and for use with specialize equipment are available.

Extra Depth Sieves Made with Perforated Metal Plate as Screening Materials, Ensuring a Long Time Sifting Uses:
Perforated stainless steel sieves are made in the shape of extra depth extensively used by the construction and cement industries. The diameter size is commonly 450 mm and the sieve depth is 300 mm. Made from stainless steel perforated sieving media, the sieve is strong and rigid and work for a long time without breaking.

Perforated Mid-Point Standard Test Sieves for Sand Sifting, As Master Stack

Stainless steel perforated sieve has a range of shapes and styles and is used widely in many ways. A mid-point test sieve has had the mesh inspected. The sieve is then selected as a mid-point if the results give tolerances that are in the middle of the ASTM Standard. For example, the ASTM permissible variations for the mesh of a No. 40 sieve (425µ) are:

1:Average Opening ±19µ.
2:Opening Dimension of 396µ not exceeded by more than 5% of the openings.
3:maximum individual opening 502µ.

The mid-point would have a variation in Average Opening of ±9.5µ, opening dimension of 396µ not exceeded by more than 2.5% of the openings and a maximum individual opening of 463.5µ. The effect of this tightened tolerance is an improvement in variation of approximately 30%. These results are traceable to a NIST standard.

Mid-Point Perforated Sieves are used as master stack:

When a process requires a high level of repeatability, mid-points can be used on all sieve tests. However, the predominant application for the mid-point sieves is as master stack. A master stack is used to check and recalibrate sieves used in everyday testing. It can be also used for the screening of sand.

Perforated sieves and woven ss wire cloth sieves are major types of test sieves. Specification Comparison of the two types for the standard grading sieves are listed as below. For custom size, you are welcome to Contact Us.

Name Kind Diameter* Height
Frame Thickness
National Standard International
Applied Field
Test sieve Woven Wire mesh 200*50 200*25 0.6~0.7 GB6003.1-1997 ISO3310

For the particle materials accurately screening and particle size measuring

 in Chemical Industry

Punching metal plate 200*50 200*25 0.6~0.7 GB6003.2-1997 ISO3310

Perforated SS Grain Sieves, Cereal Grading Sieves    Half Height 300 Stainless Steel Screen Sieve

Popular Perforated Sieves:

Perforated sieve 3” depth and 6” in diameter, perforated hole around 0.050”, stainless steel perforated sheet.

Framed Half height plate sieve with sieve covers:

Half height
Frame 316, mash 316 l
Double Layer

Total 6 sieves
Total 1 pan, 1 sieve cover


------ Request 2----------
Size number n° 6 , n° 8 , n°10 , n° 14 , n° 20 , n° 28 , n° 35 , n° 48 , n° 65 , n° 100, n° 150 , n° 200 , n° 270, pan, sieve cover.
Half height
Frame 316, mash 316 l
Double Layer

Total 13 sieves
Total 1 pan, 1 sieve cover

---------Request 3 ------------
Size number n° 12 , n° 30 , n° 50, pan, sieve cover.
Half height
Frame 316, mash 316 l
Double Layer

Total 3 sieves
Total 1 pan, 1 sieve cover

-------- Request TOTAL --------
Total 22 sieves
Total 3 pans, 3 sieve cover

Please send me the prices of sieves and shipping.

I need to get price and lead time on 80ea Round Hole Perforated Plate Sieves.

Material needed is Stainless Steel 300 series, 23 Gauge

OD of the Sieve is 13&1/4"

Height of Sieve is 2"

1/16 perforations

I'm open to options if the price is substantial.

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