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Perforated Round Opening Mesh Carbon Steel Sheets

Perforated Steel SheetsTypical perforation patterns for steel sheets are round opening. Lamina perforated steel sheets are popularly used as security panels, architectural metal cladding panels or processed into perforated tubes.

Perforated steel plates are used for construction panels, filter screening, decorative sheet and grilles, steel fencing and shielding, partition and vent screen uses, hardware and furniture parts.

Industries Served:

Oil field drilling,

Mine screening,


Sifting of grains as grain screen,

Decorations and designs of buildings, as sound isolation sheet, decorative sheet for stairs, metal floor plate,
Decorative sheet and grille, various metal mesh sheet covers,
Making of kitchenware such as fruit basket, also tables, chairs and other furnitures.

Major Steel Sheet Products:

Galvanized perforated metal provides a durable slip resistant surface that easily retrofits over existing metal 
structures or can be incorporated into new construction. And it is protected against rust which makes them ideal for 
outdoor applications where corrosion is a concern. This kind of perforated metals enjoy the features of rust 
resistance and corrosion resistance therefore it's widely used in corrosive environments.

Perforated Steel Sheets

Hole patterns: diamond hole, round hole, rectangular, scale hole, hexagonal hole and so on.
Surface treatment: Hot-dipped galvanized and electro galvanized.

can be readily formed
can be painted or polished
easy installation
attractive apperance
wide range of thickness available
largest selection of hole size pattern and configuration
uniform sound abatement
light weight
excellent wear life and durable
superior abrasion resistance
accuracy of size

Surface treatment : 

  •       galvanzed or not 
  •       PE or PVC in many colors

Perforated Steel SheetsBenefits: Perforated sheet metal flooring is easy to install and should provide a long service life.
Finish: Zinc coated.

Patterns available for steel sheets perforated:
Round is the most common opening;


Perforated Steel Sheet, 5 mm, 5 mm Round Hole, 1000mm x 500mm x 0.55mm

Pattern Hole(mm) Open Area Pitch I (mm) Pitch II (mm) Hole Configeration
1 1.2 ø 42% 1.7 3.2 60°
2 1.5 ø 22% 4 4 45°
3 1.7 ø 45% 2.4 4.1 60°
4 2.0 ø 47% 2.8 4.8 60°
5 3.0 ø 33% 5 8.7 60°
6a 3.0 ø 51% 4 6.9 60°
6 4.8 ø 50% 6.5 11.2 60°
7 6.4 ø 43% 9.2 16 60°
8 8.0 ø 68% 9.2 16 60°
9 6.0 x 6.0 62% 7.6 7.6 Square
10 6.0 x 6.0 52% 9.1 7.6 Staggered
11 4.7 x 4.7 35% 8 8 Square
12 2.4 x 12.7 34% 4.8 15.1 Rect
13 6.0 A/F 79% 6.76 11.63 Hex

We also offer:

  • 0.1mm Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet Decorative;
  • 2mm Stainless Steel Perforated Metal Screen Sheet;
  • 3mm Thick Round Hole Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet.
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